March 17, 2018

Why I Love Fashion and Travel.

There are a number of reasons as to why I love fashion and travel. In fact, I’d say that they were my two great passions in life, so being able to combine them is just the best thing in the world for me. I just love the way in which different parts of the world in various seasons have completely different ideas as to what should be worn. It just sums up the beauty of fashion, and when you get to experience things in locations around the world, then it just feels as if life is perfect.

I think that travel has just become so much easier to do thanks to costs of flights dropping and the way in which you can find bargains on the internet to get you from A to B. Of course, the same can be said for fashion, but then I also love checking out the local markets when I get there to see what hidden gems I am able to come across.

Take our recent trip to Madrid as a prime example. We decided to check out what this amazing city had to offer even though it was still winter, but then we believed Spain would surely not be that cold even when we were in February. Well, it turns out that we were actually quite correct in thinking that as can be seen by the kind of outfits we were wearing.

Introducing Madrid

The thing about Madrid is that it is a city that is full of surprises. On the one hand, it is ultra-modern but then it has so many old buildings and narrow streets that just add to the general atmosphere that comes with visiting this amazing city. It can be so much fun to explore everything so you are best to invest in a pair of shoes or boots that are comfortable for covering a number of miles as you are going to need them.

None of us quite knew what to expect when we got there, but we were certainly not disappointed in what the city had to offer. Looking around the city at the people, it struck me that as it’s winter people kind of let go of certain aspects of looking good. Practicality certainly takes over, but I did love the freedom that came with it.

I think that the one other thing that I loved was the way that my huge scarf and thick hat never looked out of place. There is just something so appealing to me about wearing things that have a chunky knit, so being able to do that even with accessories is just such a cool thing in my mind.

I loved the way in which I could just wrap myself up in any way that I wanted combining a large coat with a thinner layer under it knowing that I would be comfortable no matter if I was indoors or outdoors. As you can see, I still sought to make sure that the colors did indeed go together because the Spanish are sticklers for that kind of thing. They may be quite laid-back in Madrid, but they still want to look good even though they do not have the same impulse for being fashionable like the Italians.

So, what would be my top tips for dressing at a location such as Madrid or anywhere else when it is perhaps autumn or heading into winter? Well, I think that the following points should apply.

  • Cold allows you to wrap up warm, so think more about the outer layers than anything else.
  • Color doesn’t really matter as both muted and bright will work well.
  • Remember the footwear as you want your feet to be both comfortable as well as warm.
  • Accessories are going to be all important, so pay close attention to them as they will help you out.

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