February 11, 2018

Getting to Grips with Fashion in Snow.

When it comes to fashionable winter wear, most people are of the opinion that this is something that is just not possible. However, I’m going to tell you that this is simply not the case.

Now, I am going to admit that trying to be fashionable in snow time is not the easiest of things to achieve, but then it simply comes down to you being far more creative and being aware of what the main issues are going to be. After all, it’s common sense that you will hardly be wearing shorts or a bikini, but there are ways in which you can dress up and look amazing even though it may be bitterly cold all around you.

Wrapping up can be cute

Ok, so let’s say you are jetting off to Aspen, then you are going to have to wrap up warm if you plan on hitting the slopes. Even just socializing is going to require a degree of wearing various layers, but wrapping up warm can also be cute if you know what you are doing.

Take this outfit, as an example. A pale pink outdoor jacket that is not too large or bulky in nature matched with an off-white knitted style hat along with matching over-sized scarf is going to be able to make a statement while making sure that those cold winds have no chance of getting right into your skeleton. I do admit that the gloves are perhaps not the most fashionable, but they are effective at what they do, and who wants their fingers to be completely frozen anyway?

At the same time, trudging through the snow is not going to result in the best conditions for wearing pants that are anything other than waterproof to keep you warm and dry, but even then there are various options available to you.

For example, you could go for the full snowboarding style pants if you wish to be hip and cool to the extreme. They have a tendency to be able to make a statement with a number of them being big and bold. However, in this instance, I went for something a bit more muted in color, and I would certainly avoid white because that is just information overload for your eyes against the predominately white backdrop.

Mixing and matching styles

Anyway, enough about what I was wearing for my winter trip, and let’s check out what my friends were doing because we hardly wanted to all wear the same thing. As you can see, there are different ways of dressing for the snow and the cold, and I think that you must agree that none of us look dull or boring with what we are wearing.

The wonderful thing about snow is that you can go a bit crazy with designs and nobody even cares if it’s a bit hit and miss. After all, you could hardly say that this multi-colored jacket could be fashionable or trendy anywhere other than on the slopes but, for me, that is the absolute beauty of dressing for this kind of weather. Even wearing something that is covered in spots can work simply because there are pretty much no rules to adhere to when it comes to dressing for this weather.

Rather than being worried and stressed about this, why not just try to relax and enjoy the freedom that dressing for winter can offer you? Why not just go out there and get individual items that you like and see what happens when you pretty much just throw them all together?

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