March 23, 2018

I bought the best men’s watch for my dad.

What’s up you guys? How y’all doing? Today I’m going to tell you a story. I decided to buy my dad a present. What’s better than a modern mens watch? Well, I found out that it is not that easy to choose the right watch. Wanna know about my struggles and what I ended up buying? Read on, it’s gonna be interesting.

It really is a struggle. There’re so many watches on the market with different looks, different characteristics, and finally different price ranges. What should I go with? And which watch is the best as a gift? Let’s dive deeper.

So what kind of price range should I aim for? Let’s see what we have in the luxury sector.

Luxury watches

Should you go with luxury watches as a gift? Well, it depends. For me, luxury watches are a no go and I’m going to explain why. You’d probably think that I’m a broke ass dude or something, but trust me that’s not the case. Many of my friends wear luxury watches daily and I never knew that until they told me about it. That leads to my main point, luxury watches are not a smart investment. Nobody cares if you wear a $10K Rolex or a $20 random watch.

I know that’s hard to believe in but that’s the hard truth. On top of that more money doesn’t mean better look or quality. Some of the luxury watches have old technologies and that’s unsuitable for 2018. But if you absolutely want to go with a high end “Rolex type” watch, go for it. I’m personally not a fan of it, neither my dad is 🙂

If you want my advice on the matter, go for something that brings you joy cause there’s no real reason to go with the “status item” when no one really cares what you’re wearing.

Since luxury watch market is not really an option for us no more, let’s see what under $1000 watches market has to offer. Are you really ready?

Watches under $1000

This is when things get more interesting. You can definitely get a great watch for that price (well, I did). The problem is how do you actually choose the best when there are so many options on the market? Which watch is the best as a present? What brand should you go with? So many questions lol. No worries though, I’ve got the answers or the keys if you’re a fan of DJ Khaled 🙂

Let’s get straight to it. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, the best under $1000 watch on the market…

The Ambassador Heritage 1863

Woo, that’s it. I finally found it. That was my first reaction when I saw it the first time. Coming in at just $279 this is a perfect watch. I mean just look at it, do I even need to tell you anything about it? It’s lit fam. It screams luxury, it’s fabulous and it feels great on your wrist. This is the cold 3 pointers you should look for when choosing a watch.

So that was the process I went through before I found the Heritage 1863. Most importantly, my dad loved it so I think I made a good choice. I hope you liked it cause there’s more heat on the way. Stay tuned bruv.

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